Living in prophetic consciousness 1

  1. What is prophetic consciousness and why it is important

Awakening the Bride to live with a prophetic consciousness

I want to talk about and explore what it means to live with a prophetic consciousness for I believe it is an essential and central part of God’s plan in the days to come. But let me be clear about what I mean when I use the term prophetic consciousness. I do not mean that we should be somehow living in the clouds in some higher state of mind, that everything becomes super spiritual and detached from the physical reality. Neither do I mean that we should go about our day giving a prophetic word to everyone we meet. Consciousness refers to the mind and living in the prophetic consciousness is about a state of mind yes, but here’s the point: our minds are not prophetic and nor shall they ever be. We cannot train our carnal minds to prophesy or to interpret spiritual realities. It is not our mind then that I refer to, but an ascension into the mind of Christ. Living with a prophetic consciousness is living from a place of abiding in the Divine presence so that our perspectives and vision is changed because we are looking through a different lens, a different mindset. The dictionary defines consciousness as the state of being aware of and responsive to one’s surroundings, and also a person’s awareness or perception of something. When someone who has been in a coma gains consciousness, we might say that they have woken up. This is how it is for the Bride. Bridal awakening is more than being aware that we are the bride. Bridal awakening is entering into a new consciousness, a bridal consciousness, the consciousness of the Bridegroom which is prophetic. The consciousness the Bride must develop is one which enables her to see in both realities – that which is seen and that which is unseen. Having the mind of Christ, empowers her to see in both worlds. She must be totally plugged into the Divine consciousness, empowered with thought and vision that transcends human capability but is inspired by the Holy Spirit. This is what I mean by the phrase ‘Living in Prophetic Consciousness’.