QB7 How Does the Bride Get the Extra Oil?

One of the longest chapters in the bible is Genesis 24 which is all about the Bride and typified in this chapter by Rebekah. The account given is that after Sarah had died Abraham summoned His chief servant Eleazar to go and find a wife for his son Isaac from among his own people. So there are Abraham (meaning father of many), Isaac (who is called the only begotten son ) and the chief servant. Here is a picture of the trinity, in which the Father commissions the Holy Spirit to find a wife for His Son.  Remember the story? How the chief servant travels to the far country, back to the Father’s extended family, and asks for a sign in which the suitable bride will be the one who being found by the well will offer water for the servant’s camels also. When Rebekah fulfilled this requirement of kind service to a stranger, the bible says that the servant brought out gifts of gold. Wow, can you imagine that, Rebekah got a lot more than she expected when she showed kindness that day. Even though the servant had not explained why he had come he gave gifts. This is a picture of the church at the well. The church has received gifts from the Holy Spirit, without yet hearing the message of the bride. So this is the first outpouring, the gifts of the Spirit for the church by the well. But the story doesn’t end there! Rebekah invites the man back to her home and runs back home to tell her guardian brother Laban all that had happened. And just like Rebekah, those that show respect and kindness to the Holy Spirit begin to position themselves to receive the extra oil. So Laban ran out to meet the servant and brought him back to their home. It is here that the servant shared the reason why he had come, that he had come to find a wife for Isaac. Laban accepted the bridal message and released Rebekah to go, saying “this is from the lord”. At which point the servant brought out more gifts including clothes for Rebekah to wear. Here then is the answer to our question, how does the Bride get the extra oil? There is an outpouring by the Holy Spirit which is given upon accepting the bridal message, and agreeing to follow the Holy Spirit back to the Bridegroom. This is what the Spirit is saying to the churches today. I’ve come for the Bride. I have gifts and clothes to help her to get ready but you must not detain me on my quest. The bride belongs to the bridegroom, there is nothing that we can do to beautify her or make her ready in the natural, it is the Holy Spirit who will enable the Bride to get ready when she receives the extra oil.