QB14 I Am the Alpha and the Omega

If the final chapter of Revelations is like the closing argument or summation in a courtroom in which the defence and prosecution present their fundamental argument and main points of the case, then these closing words of Jesus in the Bible present the  emphasis and context of the time that we are living in now and sets the tone and agenda for what will follow. There is however a fundamental difference from the courtroom analogy, because in a courtroom after the summation, it is down to the jury and judge to deliberate on the verdict and what the final ruling should be, but in the case of our Lord’s return, the Final Judgement, the Millennium the New Heaven and Earth and the Wedding of the Lamb, all these future events are not subject to third party scrutiny or the deliberation of man. Indeed these things have already been ruled upon, and the verdict written in the Heaven record before creation ever burst forth when the Lord spoke the words ‘let there be light’, for the Lord has known the end from the beginning, and has determined the glorious outcome that awaits us ahead of time. Regardless of man’s opinion, political machinations, humanistic appetite, and flagrant violation of God’s statutes, the Lord is in absolute control of future events. Man may try to erect his Tower of Babel like Nimrod in defiance of God and rebellion against His judgement through the flood, there is no empire that either man, the ancient dragon or the antichrist can build that will stand against the coming of the Lord. This was the summation given by our Lord Jesus Christ. His closing declaration when He said “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” It was an unequivocal, undeniable, unchangeable  and indisputable statement of truth. He doesn’t yield to our agendas, our personal philosophies or our beliefs of what is or isn’t true. He stands before the entire world and says “I Am”. No man on Earth or power of darkness in heavenly places can change who He is or His Eternal plan set in motion before time began. He defies all powers, thrones and Kingdoms, for His name is higher than any other, He is the Alpha. He is before all things and in Him and through Him all things were created and have their being. He was eternally existent and coequal with the Father and has not changed in who He is, and yet His form He did change, that He might forever be the mediator of a New Covenant, and the propitiation of our sins through His own sacrifice in human flesh. This is the One who is speaking to us in this final chapter as He makes His closing speech, for He says, I Jesus have sent my angel to bring my testimony to you, that I Am. Jesus is not only the Alpha but He is also the Omega. His is the first word and His will be the last. He will have the final say. The summation of all things is Christ Himself. His  closing argument is not with a rationale appealing to reason, but a declaration of who He is as the Alpha and Omega. He is His own self existent statement of truth that demands respect and cannot be refuted, those that do not yield cannot change their fate for they will give their account  why they did not believe or refuse to accept their only hope of salvation, and those that do believe and accept the Alpha and Omega, will be those who join with the Spirit and respond by saying ‘Come!’.