QB27 The Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy Final Part

In concluding this mini-series, I’d like to summarise, if possible, the last four parts into this one statement: The Spirit of Prophecy activates the testimony of Jesus within His servants, so that they may testify on His behalf. This Testimony of Jesus has legal right and authority in the courts of Heaven, and is invoked whenever we pray in the name of Jesus, so that, first, we are able to overcome Satan our adversary, and secondly, we are able to enforce matters legislated upon in the Heavenly courts. The Spirit of Prophecy brings the revelation of Jesus to us that we might know the things shortly to take place.  

Just as with His disciples, there are things that Jesus wants to say to us about what is to come, and He will send the Spirit of Prophecy to speak on His behalf. This process of receiving revelation is not purely contained with the scriptures, but is being spoken by the Spirit even now because revelation is developmental, and as one draws closer to the event in view so the details become clearer. There is a principle scholars call ‘prophetic foreshortening’ which is similar to what happens when we view a landscape from far away, when we are far away it is difficult to differentiate distances between objects that are close together. The biblical prophecies are all authentic and without error, yet the prophets of old saw things from afar, but as the day draws nearer we are in a position to see the details more clearly because we are much closer. For example how could anyone of John’s time, or older yet, in Isaiah’s time, comprehend the technological age we are now in? Even so, we desperately need and are so grateful for the prophetic record given to us in scripture. These form the very platform, the vantage point upon which we stand as we gaze further into the coming unveiling. Now here is an important principle that must be observed in dealing with prophecy – never remove the foundation! All prophecy in the Word of God is foundational. Even though we accept that the Spirit of Prophecy is still speaking today, it will always be consistent and serve to bring further revelation on that which has already been written. That’s why we must know the Word, because in the last days there will be many false prophets, and we must be able to recognise the counterfeit by knowing the truth. There is much being spoken today which is neither consistent with the Word of God, or the ways of God. How will you know the difference? By developing a sensitivity to the inner voice of the Holy Spirit which comes from a lifestyle of personal study in the Word, and a daily walk of intimacy with the Lord. Amos 3:7 reads: Surely the Lord GOD does nothing, Unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. The word secret is “cowd” (sode) and means ‘secret counsel, intimacy with God, an assembly’. The Septuagint puts it like this “For in no way shall the Lord God do a thing that he should not uncover (or reveal) instruction to his servants the prophets.” Instruction here meaning to tutor, educate or train, to nurture. Beloved, we are in training! We are being led into greater depths of intimacy, nurtured and trained to be able to discern the secrets of the Lord ahead of time. It is time for the Bride to arise and to take on the prophet’s mantle, for there are things which the Lord Jesus himself will declare as His testimony in the Heavenly Court, which will be a prophecy in the heart and upon the lips of His end time warrior bride. This is so important, we must take responsibility and act now. For without maturity we are not equipped for the days ahead. The Bride bridges heaven and earth. She is seated with her Bridegroom in heavenly places but she is also planted on the land as a warrior and a prophetess in the Spirit of Elijah, like John the Baptist, to prepare the way of the Lord. The Bride must awake with a revived spiritual perception, a new lens, a new paradigm, a new prophetic consciousness.