Building Relationships

God is a community or a family, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Church is a community or a family and its effectiveness depends on the quality of the relationships it fosters within it.

As part of the Body of Christ we are knit together in the one Body which scripture calls the ‘temple of the Holy Spirit’. Jesus desire as head of that Body is to forge us together in such a way that there is complete unity and cohesion of vision and function. Disunity and a spirit of isolationism of any degree within the Body is totally counter productive and prohibits the work of the Spirit and the indwelling presence of Jesus.

The Call 2 Come seeks to build relationships with all those who are born of the Spirit of God. It especially welcomes relationship with those who long to see the Bride awakened and are seeking to be prepared to meet Jesus as their Husband. This is the time of networking within the Body of Christ and we warmly invite anyone to make contact with us individually or as a organisation who have a similar vision and who want to build relationships with us as a ministry. We want to encourage one another and wherever possible to work together.

We will be posting regular updates, mission reports and teaching here on the website and will be sending out to your email a regular ‘Word for the Week’ to encourage and inform. If you wish to subscribe to this please contact us and send us your email address and a brief introductory bio. You can do this by using the website ‘Contact us’ facility.

God bless you all.