The Gospel According to the Bride

The Gospel According to the BrideWe have gazed at our reflection in stagnant waters for too long and forgotten who we are, but now the Holy Spirit is stirring those waters again enabling us to reimagine our primeval identity. This is not a licence to redefine our roots but rather awaken that which is latent, and quicken our Bridal identity long since woven into our corporate DNA. The Bride is mandated, in the spirit of Elijah, to prepare the way of the Lord’s return. For this assignment, she must have a reliable roadmap with which to navigate the terrain before her and discern the significance of world events as they unfold. In this compilation of sixty podcasts released during the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, ‘The Gospel According to the Bride’ provides a compelling look at eschatology from a Bridal perspective and gives a clear biblical roadmap on how the ‘Wife will make herself ready for the Wedding of the Lamb.’

Amongst the many questions answered:

  • How the prophetic destinies of Israel and the Church will soon combine
  • Whom Jesus meant by ‘His Elect’
  • Why the Bride needs to call come now
  • The difference between a wife and a bride
  • Why the Bride chooses to remain during the Great Tribulation
  • When will the wrath of God really be poured out?
  • What is the Second Exodus?
  • Who are the 144,000?
  • How many wives does God have?
  • How to approach the Book of Revelation
  • How the Testimony of Jesus will be on the lips of the Warrior Bride
  • How can I prepare for Jesus’ return
  • Is the church the Bride
  • How do I get the extra oil to keep my lamp lit
  • What is the prayer Jesus longs to hear more than any other
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