Waiting For His Presence

“and after the earthquake a fire, [but] the LORD [was] not in the fire; and after the fire a still small voice.” – 1 Kings 19:12 NKJV

Like Elijah, we may have witnessed mighty manifestations of God’s power at times in our lives and long for such manifestations to visit us again. Elijah experienced God’s provision in the Kerith Ravine, being fed by ravens. He was shielded by God’s protection from those seeking vengeance because he decreed no rain. Moreover, he encountered God’s almighty power when the Lord consumed his sacrifice atop Mount Carmel, leading the nation of Israel to repentance.

Now only days later when the Lord passed by Elijah as he hid himself away in the shadows of a remote cave, it may have seemed to the inexperienced observer, that God was surely in the wind, earthquake, and fire. Such powerful demonstrations of God’s handiwork can be convincing. However, the biblical record reveals that God was not in these manifestations, and Elijah remained unmoved.

Likewise, we must be cautious not to mistake power for presence.

It was not the display of Divine power that moved Elijah, but the small, still voice of God that touched his soul more profoundly than anything else could. Similarly, a deeper encounter awaits us in our experience of the Lord. While we may witness various divine powers and miracles, it is the perceived voice of God that penetrates and transforms our guarded hearts.

The Lord calls us to witness His power but we must await His presence.

Do not be motivated by the power of God but be touched by His still small voice. For this is the essence of life, to be quickened by His whisper upon our hearts, nothing else is more compelling or needed.

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