Draw Near to God

Above all other urgencies facing the human condition, there is none so great today as knowing God intimately. This profound experience of knowing the Almighty is not a one-time encounter or intellectual ascent but lies at the very heart of our Christian message— The Almighty Creator of the universe has graciously extended an invitation to each of us—a call to engage in a deeply personal and transformative relationship with Him.

The root of all our problems is not that God has forsaken us or is detached from our situation, but rather that we have not known God sufficiently to allay our fears by abiding in His Eternal Presence. The truth is that in losing sight of Him we lose sight of who we are, for we are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image. Without knowing the Lord, we are adrift, lacking a true understanding of our identity and purpose.

Transformation cannot come to us externally, intellectually, or vicariously through another. It is through the ancient pathway of personal devotion and stillness that we are changed. Nothing can replace this timeless foundation.

Imagine, a place of encounter set aside solely for you to occupy, where the Lord eagerly awaits your presence.

Today, I encourage you to embrace this divine invitation. Open your heart to God’s presence and allow Him to reveal Himself to you in new and profound ways. Seek Him earnestly through prayer, meditation, and the study of His Word. For in the quiet moments of intimacy with our Creator, we will find the strength, guidance, and peace we need for our present need and clarity to navigate through the challenges ahead.