What Manner of Love is this

Oh what manner of love is this that should care for my wretched state and give everything to loose the bonds by which I was bound. I shall never fully know the extent of His suffering on my behalf nor the weight upon His shoulders, but this one thing I know, I am alive because He died, I am forgiven because He bled, and I am forever grateful for the price He paid for my ransom.

No longer held by sin’s mastery, no longer futile in hope, but now restored in depthless love, it is no too small a thing to give my life and all, which I gladly yield to embrace the love of the Bridegroom that awaits. O come Morning Star, come take your place, whilst creation yearns the dawning of promised glory , I join the Spirit’s witness resounding, by this one thing I know I am His, that the greatest desire and prayer bursting within me, is to simply cry “Come!”.