Interceeding for the Bride. The Group of 84 (29/01/18)

This Call2Come Ministry was initiated in prayer. It is sustained by prayer. We have within the Movement an online WhatsApp Intercessors Group called The Group of 84. This is a group of those who either we had spoken to about becoming Intercessors for the Call2Come Movement around the world  or who have themselves indicated that they wish to be a part of such a group.

But you may wonder why 84?

Well it wasnt my idea but was something I believe that God spoke to me about three years ago now and I thought I would share it with you. This represents my own personal conviction and not necessarily the conviction of the Movement itself. Dr Mike Pike Co director is of couse totally in support of having this Intercessory Group.

At the time I too was puzzled as to why 84?  But I’m convinced that that was what Yeshua said… 84…to find 84 who would commit to supporting this Movement by their prayers and intercessions.
So I began three years ago to raise that group but it was an act of obedience only with little enthusiasm because I was struggling with my motivation through not understanding why 84?
Eventually  I asked YHWH whether He would be gracious enough to explain why that specific number as I couldsee no relevance to the Bride or the One New Man.

This is what I believe He said and it shows me how important this Movement is to Him.

He referred me to the two stories of the feeding of the crowds and pointed out that although some scholars would try to say they are one story told by different people and hence contain different details, He made it very clear that they were two entirely different miracles and that He was drawing attention to the fact that His sons Body represented by the broken and left-over bread in the baskets was enough for 1) the Jews and 2) for the entire world of the Gentiles.  In one miracle there were 12 baskets remaining and in the other 7. He said the 12 represented ‘My people Israel ‘ (12 tribes, 12 Apostle’, 12 Disciples…etc) The 7 represented the Gentiles …the whole world.

Then He asked me….”What is 12 x 7? Of course it was 84.

For these purposes this was the number of the Bride…. and of the One New Man…both Jew and Gentile but also neither Jew nor Gentile.
Wow….. I was astounded!
So…. He wanted a group of intercessors who would intercede for this Movement of God in this Time and Season of the Bride … and more so…. for Israel, Jerusalem and the ‘One New Man…. the Season I believe we have just entered into in this Jewish year of 5778 and our Gregorian calendar year of 2018…. a new beginning indicated by the number 8.