The Bride …His only compatible partner (Friday 26th Jan 2018)

Hello dear brothers and sisters. Yesterday we talked about the centrality of theme of the Bride in Scripture and mentioned that in the Song of Songs, Solomon, a picture of Christ our Bridegroom King, refers to His Bride, the Shulamite woman, as His Dove. Likewise as their relationship develops she too describes him like a dove. Tomorrow I’ll tell you how significant that descriptive term is and why perhaps the Holy Spirit caused it to be used in Scripture, to describe the Bride of Christ.
However for today I just want to emphasize the significance of the fact that both the Bridegroom and the Bride express their love to each other by both using the same word ‘Dove’…… and perhaps as we playfully suggested by singing or ’cooing’ to each other. The point I’m making is that they were so compatible. They were like each other.
When God created the World He spoke …”Let there be“ … and it was. When He created Adam He stooped down to earth and formed him with his own hands from the dust of the earth. But… He created him …. ”male and female”. Where was Mrs Adam? She was inside Adam because she had to be made of the same DNA. She was “flesh of his flesh and bone of his bone”. In order for Adam to have a compatible partner she had to be out of him….out of his DNA. So when God formed Eve He put Adam to sleep and drew her out of his side and so she is called ‘Wo – man’…from man.
But Jesus is the second Adam and He too needed a compatible partner to be His Bride …the Wife of the Lamb. But there was no compatible partner until Jesus died (put to sleep) on the cross, to purchase, redeem and sanctify by His blood a Bride who would be like Him. She was already in Him too. Then the as the spear of the soldier pierced His side, She…. the Bride of Christ, who was “in Christ before the foundation of the world” was draw out.
Truly, in His Bride, Jesus has a compatible partner.
Because of this and this alone, She is able to reign with Him in the ages to come!
Are you of the company of the Bride? Jesus urges us to “Make ourselves ready” Matt 25 The Parable of the foolish virgins.
Oh Lord, Our Bridegroom King. How blessed we are. How much you must love us. With Your blood we are bought.
Today I choose to live and worship You as Your Beloved Bride