The Mission to Liberia January 2020

Liberia Flag

The purpose for going again to Liberia was to help fulfil the vision the Lord had given us in 2007 when in obedience to His instruction we visited Liberia for a week of observation and listening to Him. He had said “Go to Liberia for I have something I want to show you”.

The experience felt during that week was of weeping and of great sadness as He drew back the veil and revealed to us the abuse suffered by that nation ever since its beginning two hundred years ago. The formation and history of Liberia is a complicated one, with many strands, but as a generalisation, the nation was established by America as a place for the liberated African slaves to live after the Abolition of Slavery. There were mixed motives at the time, but certainly those first settlers came with a vision and Christian calling with hope and righteousness, but from the outset, there were many challenges and obstacles to pervert the true purpose of God being fulfilled, not least by the strong influence of many secret ancient societies some of which were indigenous and others transported from America like Freemasonry. Consequently, Liberia had lost its way and departed from the faith of its founding fathers.

But God has always had a purpose for Liberia and was about to re-align that nation and He would do it by completing several objectives 1) Raising a network of Intercessors (Intercessors for Liberia I4L) throughout the land who would by their repentance and intercession create a ‘canopy of prayer’ over the nation under which the spiritual atmosphere would change. 2) by raising a National House of Prayer, eventually operating 24/7, which would be an altar to the Lord in Liberia and signify to the enemy that Liberia belongs to Him and 3) to re-foundation the nation on the biblical principles of its founding fathers. 4) to deliver the Prophetic Word that God had given Dr Mike and which help us in this third objective.

Our other agenda was also to share the Bridal and One New Man End Time Identity message with the newly formed I4L (Intercessors for Liberia).

So, when we received an invitation from the Liberian Council of Churches (LCC) whom the government have empowered to bring reconciliation and to arbitrate in many areas of societal discontent, to return to Liberia, we were delighted. We had been asked to join them in part of their 30 days of Prayer and Fasting project and to address members of government and the Judicury on the subject …..”The Prodigal Nation returns to the God of its Founding Fathers” but where God plans a move in any nation the enemy seeks to divert and derail.

Liberia is at a critical place in its history. There is much political discontent and frustration. Ruling spirits are urging the nation towards rebellion and anarchy but the Church is holding the ground through prayer. Such a demonic spiritual onslaught thrives in an atmosphere of secrecy and deception and the many secret societies offering protection and favour, seek allegiance of it’s members and produce much syncretism even within the Church. God’s Word make it clear that He still demands “You shall have no other God but Me”.  The discontent and abuse is rooted in much history, since Liberia has been so abused from her beginning, her resources and wealth plundered, her hope has been deferred and trust assaulted as many promises have been reneged on by other nations.

A week before we were due to fly out, the unrest erupted and the peace of the nation was threatened by civil disobedience and public demonstrations. In fact, it became so dangerous that the LCC asked us to postpone our visit but after enquiring of the Lord we decided still to go and so flew out on the 6th January, the day set for a massive public demonstration. Pastor Abok from the Intercessors for Kenya (I4K) flew out from Nairobi Kenya to join us.

Our hosts were Dr George Zorbah, a Christian of Ethiopian Jewish descent, a member of the LCC and leader of the I4L, and Pastor Chris Toe, General Secretary of the LCC and of course Dr Kortu Brown our friend since the beginning of our relationship with Liberia, who is now the Chairperson of the LCC.

As a result of the civil unrest our original programme was suspended and we had to be very flexible. We arrived in Liberia on the 20th day of the LCC’s 30 day of Prayer and Fasting during which one church would take responsibility to pray and fast for the nation. Then in the evening at the end of each days fast all churches would gather at the Providence Baptist Church the first church to be built (in 1821) in the capital city of Monrovia. Next year they celebrate their 200th anniversary.

This Prayer and Fasting part of the programme continued and it was a privilege to be a part of this historic event but a great responsibility to stand with them ‘in the gap’ as intercessors, repenting and pleading on behalf of the nation at this critical time. Dr Mike, Pastor Abok and myself were able to share the message of the Bride at these meetings and to partner with Jesus our Bridegroom, as His Bride, in His intercession as the great advocate….”Who ever makes intercession for us”.  

God heard our united cries according to 2 Chr 7:14 and although the public demonstration went ahead as is the peoples right, it did so with little expected violence and now further protests have been suspended in favour of negotiation and consultation over issues of social need.

Now forums for discussion have been set up around the counties to hear the grievances and to find a way forward together. The LCC is central in the organising and management of these forums. We give God the glory!

But it is still a spiritual battle and much prayer work is still to be done and to renew trust but more so, to defeat the ruling spirits in the land. Nothing but a return to the faith of the founding fathers will birth the righteous and Godly nation that is Liberia’s destiny. A deep and real repentance for the sins of the more recent fathers is necessary, a turning away from every idol and false God, a sanctification of all that represents Christianity in the land is essential. There is still much syncretism and deception.

But God is faithful and the Church under the leadership of the LCC and the Intercessors Network of the I4L is seeking to follow the Holy Spirit’s lead. The House of Prayer will be built and the alter to the Lord established in the land. We hope to return regularly to train the Intercessors in Prayer and Spiritual Warfare and in the understanding of the Bridal Paradigm. We also hope to return regularly to address the various Government and Judicial Institutions on what it means to be a ‘Prodigal Nation’ and as such to ‘Return to the Faith of the Founding Fathers’. This is Liberia’s only hope and only course to follow if she is to fulfil her God given destiny.

We were able to begin this by meeting, praying with and anointing several key Government and Church leaders. It was a privilege for example to do so with the Attorney General of Liberia, Cllr. Frank Musah Dean Jr. a born again Christian.

It was also a privilege to attend and address this issue by speaking at the gathering of all Military and Para-Military Chaplains meeting together for their annual thanksgiving event. These chaplains were appreciated and celebrated in the presence top ranking Staff Officers from the Armed Forces, Police, Seaport Police, Drug enforcement Agencies, Executive Protection Services, Immigration Services, Fire Services. The message that Dr Howard gave when he spoke was simply to state that the future of the nation was rooted in the faith that there was only One God and He was the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and that national peace and prosperity was only found by individually and corporately as a nation, loving and obeying Him and His Word as found in the Bible.

Our visit came too quickly to an end and we were so grateful to the LCC and its leaders especially Dr George Zorbah and Pastor Chris, the General Secretary with whom we have become very close friends.

Wishing to demonstrate our thanks we asked if we might meet just one more time with the LCC at their Offices and Board room so that we might express our appreciation. We wanted to wash their feet and quite unexpectedly we did this after giving our thanks and the atmosphere became charged with much love and unity. We ended the meeting with much prayer and praise. The worship enjoyed was so powerful that the decision was made to come together regularly once a week just to worship Him and then pray together.

In the light of this there is great hope for Liberia.

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