Autumn Leaves

“Listen, I will tell you a secret,” says the Lord of Hosts. “Like autumn leaves gathered in piles, there is treasure upon the ground. For there are many spiritual assets left behind on the battlefield. I declare it to you, like the sword of Goliath (1 Sam 17:49-51, 21:9), the weapons once used by the enemy shall become the means by which he will be defeated once more. That which is hidden shall be revealed, that which is lost shall be found, that which is forgotten shall be remembered and that which is discarded shall be repurposed for My glory. I declare ancient anointings shall be rediscovered, the axe shall rise to the surface again and be laid to the root of the tree. Therefore, do not change the ancient boundaries or redefine that which I have already decreed, for My gifts to this nation are irrevocable and My purpose here remains. I will not build my church upon a new foundation or change my mind towards you. Search the record, retrace my footsteps, for your future is found in your past. Do not say to yourselves the Lord is doing a new thing, see I can go where I like and I can say what I please, for I tell you that I am the Lord and I change not. Who told you the times and seasons? Who instructed you in the way you should go? Have they stood in my courts or understood My ways? Is it too hard a thing for you to come before Me? Are my commands beyond your reach? Do not say who will ascend into Heaven for us (Deut 30:11), for I will establish my council among you upon the earth. See, even now my war room is open.”