Prophecy for the USA

During the night I was summoned to come before the Lord to seek his counsel on behalf of America. I waited upon the Him but was fearful of what He may say to me. This was my prayer. “O Lord, I am afraid, how can I speak? Yet because of your great mercy and love for your Bride, that which you say I will not keep silent, that which you reveal I will make known.

Then I understood in my spirit, something like a strong wind blew over the nation and it split the rocks apart, but the Lord was not in the wind, then an earthquake shook the nation and caused it to tremble, but the Lord was not in the earthquake. As this took place, I heard a great many voices rising up from the land like a tumult, a great hysteria of unbridled emotion and fear. Then the voice of the Lord thundered amid the commotion, and nobody there could hear or understand it, yet in the secret hiding place it sounded like a still small voice. The Lord spoke to me saying “tell my people and those who prophesy in my name ‘my presence speaks louder than my power’, stand before me once more and wait upon me, for you will see my glory pass by. Then you will know that I am the Lord over this nation and I will instruct you in the way you should go since you have never been this way before. Am I constrained by your words that I should perform them? Or am I limited by what I can do? For I tell you that no eye has seen and no ear has heard of all that I have prepared for you. If I have placed my Word in your mouth then I will do that which I have spoken, but if you have spoken by your own imagination those words will fall to the ground and be a snare to you.

Do not rely on your own understanding, do not trust in your own strength as a nation. For I am the Lord who brought you forth and blessed you, I am the Lord who clothed you with strength, not for corruption but for righteousness, not for iniquity but for justice. If you break the covenant I made with your forefathers am I still bound by its terms? I tell you that I am not. For it is not a constitution written by any human hand that binds us together, and not a declaration in any human court. Before you even set foot upon these shores, I determined your destiny as a nation, and planted a seed in your soil, I determined your boundaries and handed the deeds to your forefathers with your name inscribed upon it. Come and check the heavenly record, see if it is not so.

Then I turned to the book of the prophet Isaiah and read these words “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” (Isa 30:15) as I searched for understanding I heard these words,   “Tell my people I have heard your repentance, but not your quietness. I have seen your strength but not your trust. I am wearied with your many words and speculation, and I am wearied by your demands for justice (Mal 2:17) as though I were far from you. But where can I go that my presence is not with you? Who is able to hide you away from my love? For I Am the Lord and long to be gracious to you. I covet your stillness before me more than your words, and your rest in me more than your action. So I say wait upon me, be strong and take heart for I Am a God of justice. To your enemies and mine, behold, hear the Word of the Lord decreed against you ‘I will make justice the measuring line, and righteousness the plummet; The hail will sweep away the refuge of your lies, and the waters will overflow your hiding place. Your covenant with death will be annulled, and your agreement with Sheol will not stand; When the overflowing scourge passes through, then you will be trampled down by it. As often as it goes out it will take you; For morning by morning it will pass over, and by day and by night; It will be a terror just to understand the report.’ (Isa 28:17-19)”

In my prayers for the USA, I have heard the sound of wailing throughout the land and understood that the Bride had suffered much trauma in her womb, with abortion and miscarriage. There is more to be discerned here, but I believe there is connection between the physical abortions in the nation and the spiritual miscarriage and abortion in the Bride whereby the enemy has gained a legal right to challenge her full-term pregnancy.

Last night I asked, “Lord what do you want to say to your bride in America, what words of comfort to heal her wounds, what words of peace to ease her pain.” And this is what He said, “Tell her ‘I am the Lord your God, and I am in your midst. I will anoint you with oil as in Gilead, I will wash you white as snow, for your sorrows I am singing over you blessing and I am calling you by a new name. I will quiet you in my love, no more the years the locusts have eaten, no more barrenness or shame.’”

I mentioned earlier in my message, how the Bride is called by a new name and this came as a new revelation that I haven’t shared this with anyone until now. I wanted to know the new name for the Bride? I knew it wasn’t One New Man, could it be “ekklesia”, the Greek for church, called out ones? Well, yes in a way this is her name, just like in the Old Testament it was Israel or even Jerusalem, but what of her new name, that’s what I wanted to know because this is the new name that the Lord is singing over His Bride. Just like Adam blessed his wife with a new name to be fruitful, as Abraham call Sarai, Sarah to bless her womb, so also the Lord is singing over His Bride in America with a new name, so that she can be fruitful. As we learnt in the message earlier, the name is connected to the blessing, so what is the blessing bestowed upon the Bride? Well, it was in our very first scripture today, Ps 128:3 “Your wife will be like a fruitful vine”. I’m not sharing this as doctrine, but as the name the Lord wanted me to bless the Bride with today, the name “fruitful vine” or “parah gephen”(pa-rah gheh-fen) in Hebrew. Now lastly before I pray a blessing and then others from different nations will also bring their blessing, you may have noticed the oak tree behind me, and right here I have an oak tree in my hand. That’s because the Lord put it on my heart to buy an oak tree to nurture and take care of it as symbol of the seed that he planted in the USA 400 years ago. England is well known for it’s oak, but also in America. Interestingly, in Massachusetts (where the Mayflower landed) in the 1600’s there were coins minted with the oak tree on them, so I will care for this tree as I commit to pray for you the Bride in America, that you may flourish strong and healthy.

So finally Linda, here is my prayer of blessing for you today as you stand on behalf of the Bride in America

I bless you to be fruitful and to multiply,
I bless the seed within you to reach full-term,
I speak an end to barrenness,
And I cut the umbilical cord to all that has been stillborn and is dead.

Heavenly Father, I humbly appeal in your heavenly court for the blood of Jesus to be applied against the record of the Bride for all sins of adultery, idolatry and unfaithfulness and therefore to annul every unlawful union between her and the Prince of the land. And Father, I also humbly ask that the blood of the innocents not be reckoned against her. Instead, may her womb be blessed, may the Holy Spirit quicken her with life in abundance and may her spiritual eyes and ears be open to perceive and resonate with your truth. Amen.