The Bride Has Come of Age

The Bride Has Come of Age

Hi everyone and thanks for tuning in to another Call2Come broadcast. In this broadcast I want to share with you a prophetic commentary I released during the week of mourning when Queen Elizabeth II had died.  Like many I knew her life and death were very significant,  and so I set myself to seek the Lord for prophetic understanding about the Queen,  and I was astounded by the revelation I believe the Lord was showing.  Now what I’m going to share I appreciate you may not either understand or even agree with,  nevertheless,  the reason I’m sharing this, is because it will form the foundational principle for a series of teaching I want to bring about the necessity for the bridal conscious prophetic Council.  Just a word of warning,  there are a number of historical details which I mention and in the process I hope i don’t lose you, but that you remain with me until the end of the broadcast,  because I believe it will not only bless you,  but also help you to understand the things I will share next time. And so let’s pray

Father,  I thank you that you have known the end from the beginning and you are weaving the timelines of history together to bring us to where we are today.  Your eternal purpose is beautiful, and we thank you that you are faithful to complete the work you have begun in us.  Let your Bride arise in this hour,  in the fulness of beauty,  majesty and authority,  that she might indeed be ready for the great Day of your Appearing.

In Jesus Name,  amen.

And so,  here is the word I released during the week of mourning

The Bride Has Come of Age
A prophetic commentary by Mike Pike connecting the English Reformation to Queen Elizabeth II)

Dear beloved, truly we are living in unprecedented times, as an acceleration of events unfold in both the natural and unseen realms. With nations in tumult, wars and rumours of wars destabilising global and national economies, the world is in disarray. Particularly in these last few days, we are of course most mindful of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.  Along with millions around the world, I too have wept with a deep sense of loss, but deeper still, I have been stirred by the prophetic significance of what her life and death mean. In a tribute given by President Macron of France on 9th September 2022, he said this of Elizabeth, “To you, she was your Queen, to us, she was The Queen. She will be with all of us forever”. In this statement, Macron captured the sentiment of many around the world. What is the Lord saying through all that we are witnessing in this period? What are we to make of such extraordinary events?

On the 8th of June this year, I documented in my prayer journal these words I heard the Lord say in my spirit, “Mike, I am summoning you to come before me, but come alone!”. Since then, I have laid everything down, every role and responsibility I once held, that I might be alone with Him in extended periods of solitude and stillness, listening to His heart and being restored by His love. There’s so much I could share from this time, but what I do want to say, is that I needed to be postured and positioned for what I am about to share with you here. Because exactly three months after being summoned, on the 8th of September was the day the Queen died whilst residing at Balmoral.

Like every other prophecy the Lord has allowed me to release, I have wrestled in prayer and in study, in stillness and in solitude, often in the quiet hours of the night. Indeed, I have questioned whether I should share this word at all, and if so, out of respect for the Queen, whether to delay its release until after her funeral. And yet, I have felt not to withhold something of such great importance and significance, if the Lord has spoken, I am compelled to write. As many have already commented and I’m sure will continue to comment and reflect on her life and legacy for years to come, I realise I am only bringing one of so many other facets to her extraordinary life. But I do so, in the hope that it may help us to discern the times and seasons we are now living in from a Bridal perspective. To understand the prophetic significance of the Queen’s life and death, I believe we need to go back in time, not just to the last century, but exactly four hundred years before her coronation in 1953 to 1553, you’ll understand why I make this connection a little later. Some of what I am going to share is a broad stroke on a watershed time in our nation’s highly complex history, yet I will not attempt to recount as an historian, but rather from a bridal perspective. I hope you will allow me some latitude here, because I do not mean to dishonour the Queen or ignore other views on our history with such a limited account, merely to place our journey into a bridal and prophetic context. So first, I will give a brief look at some key events and dates and then give a prophetic commentary on our past as a foundation for what all this means for where we are today in God’s timeline.

Ask anyone either in the United Kingdom or around the world what famous King they can think of in our nation’s long history, I’m sure many if not most would answer King Henry VIII, infamously known for his six wives.  Without going into all the many details here, King Henry VIII was responsible for separating the Church in England from Catholic Rome and establishing himself as the head of the Church of England. But note there is a subtle but important difference between the Church of England, and the Church in England. That’s because there has been a Christian witness in England dating as far back as the first century AD. The Bride of Jesus Christ was here long before Henry VIII ever came to the throne. But his determination for a male heir led to great trauma and schism in the church (Bride). The problem arose because his first marriage to Katherine of Aragon (who was previously the wife of Henry’s elder brother), had not produced a surviving male heir after twenty-four years, only a daughter named Mary who would later become queen. If Henry was to have a son, he would need to divorce Katherine, but divorcing her, meant divorcing (separating) from the Church in England and this is exactly what happened. To marry Anne Boleyn (through whom came Elizabeth I) in 1533, he separated from the Church in England, to establish the Church of England.  The consequence of Henry having two wives at this stage, was that the Bride (the church) had also been split into two. Although of course the Lord only has one Bride, yet on the earth we are left with a divided body. The church was now catholic and protestant.

The story continues, when neither Katherine of Aragon (died 1536) nor Anne Boleyn (beheaded 1536), provided a male heir to the throne. So Henry married a third time to Jane Seymour (1536) who gave birth to Edward VI (1537) and it was Edward who eventually succeeded Henry in 1547 at the young age of nine.  Edward continued in his father’s footsteps establishing Protestantism and formalising the Church of England, but his life was short lived and in 1553 he died aged just fifteen. Because Edward never reached adulthood, the realm during his time as King was governed by a regency council which meant the first monarch to succeed Henry VIII and able to reign in their own legitimate right was Queen Mary I and most importantly this all took place in 1553. Unlike her father, Mary was catholic and attempted to reverse the English Reformation, becoming known as “Bloody Mary” because of her persecution of many protestant so-called “heretics” burned at the stake. But Mary’s reign was also short-lived, and when she died in 1558, her protestant half-sister Elizabeth came to the throne.

Even though Henry VIII had done all he could to secure a line of successors, it was only one generation later that neither Edward VI, Mary I nor Elizabeth I could produce an heir. Instead, the one with a claim to the throne came from Scotland, through another Mary, Mary Queen of Scots, who also like her namesake Mary I, became the figurehead of Catholicism. The rivalry between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots is well-documented and eventually after many years of imprisonment, Elizabeth finally had Mary beheaded in 1587, although years earlier Mary had given birth to a son James (1566) who had become King of Scotland aged just thirteen months. And that’s how it was for a time with King James VI in Scotland and Queen Elizabeth I in England, until 1603 when Elizabeth died aged 69 and James VI of Scotland also became James I of England and brought the “Union of the Crowns” when the two realms came together under the same monarch.

I hope I haven’t lost you in too many details, and you may be wondering why I’m sharing all of this, but I believe what happened back then is very significant to understand the high call and anointing of Queen Elizabeth II not only from a prophetic perspective, but through the Bridal lens also. When the church in England was divided under Henry VIII, it brought a great schism and trauma to the Bride. The two figureheads were a Mary and an Elizabeth, (these names are very significant as we shall see later) one was barren the other was not (that is Mary Queen of Scots). Now since the Lord had closed the line of Henry VIII, within two generations the Crown passed to the heir of Mary Queen of Scots, King James (who later brought us the KJV Bible). The point I am making is that what happened during the English Reformation during the time of King Henry VIII was very bridal and typified through Mary (both) and Elizabeth. This can be seen physically though his many wives, but also the impact this had upon the church. King Henry VIII actions were not without severe consequence and judgment because when his successor Queen Mary I came to the throne In 1553, I believe the Lord had decreed a period of 400 years would pass until a new reformation would begin and the chronological progression through this period would be marked by the passing of six (the number of man) queens. And so it was that a prophetic clock began ticking when Queen Mary I came to the throne in 1553. The second queen was Elizabeth I (coronated 1559), the third, Mary II (coronated 1689), the fourth, Queen Anne (coronated 1702) the fifth, Queen Victoria (coronated 1838). and when the time had fully come 400 years later, Queen Elizabeth II was coronated in 1953. (Even though she had come to the throne in 1952, it wasn’t until the following year that she was crowned.) Yet, it would take another seventy years, of faithful service, in which she carried the keys of God’s promise. Seventy representing the number of government, sovereignty and nationhood. Now you may not realise but Queen Elizabeth’s full name was Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Her very last official act (that we know of), was receiving Liz Truss at Balmoral, Scotland, just two days before her death, asking her to form a new government. I do not believe it coincidence that Liz Truss’ full name is Mary Elizabeth Truss. I will share this with you again, to make the point. An Elizabeth Mary (the Queen) officially requested a Mary Elizabeth to form a new government. On doing so, Queen Elizabeth II fulfilled her high calling, with seventy years of faithful service and devotion, in which she had carried an anointing throughout her life to position not only the nation but the Bride into her destiny. Just as there where implications for the Bride in the first reformation, so I believe there are wonderful implications for the Bride in the last.

Are these things coincidental? I don’t believe so, for there are markers and signs everywhere, heralding the passing into this new era. For example, did you know the clock tower housing Big Ben was renamed the Elizabeth Tower in 2012 to celebrate the Queen’s 60th Jubilee? Since 2017, it has been undergoing major renovation, with scaffolding concealing much of it as the clock and tower were being restored. But this year in 2022, the work was completed, and not only was the tower fully visible again but the bells began to toll once more. I believe Big Ben is prophetically significant because as the world sets its time by GMT, the world-known icon of GMT is Big Ben. There’s a message ringing out from Westminster around the world. As nations look upon the vigil of the Queen’s coffin placed in Westminster Hall just below Big Ben it is heralding the passing of an era. Now there’s something also very significant concerning Scotland in all of this. Just as Elizabeth II lineage can be traced back to Mary Queen of Scots (and not to Henry VIII), and the succession of the crown came through James VI of Scotland, it is of no insignificance that the Queen died in Scotland, the first British monarch to do so since James V in 1542. The Queen’s final days and acts of her reign were all in Scotland, this is where she finished her race and mandate. When the Queen’s coffin was laid at rest in St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh, the Scottish Crown (used to crown Mary Queen of Scots) was placed upon it. Furthermore, Ian Blackford (SNP) in his impassioned tribute in the House of Commons Friday 9th September, said “for many in Scotland, she was Elizabeth, Queen of Scots”.  By all these things I believe the Lord was publicly honouring and recognising the sovereignty of Scotland as a nation. This is critical for the future of the United Kingdom. That in order for a truly united kingdom, there must first be a recognition and honouring of the individual nations it includes. This is true not only for Scotland, but for Wales and Northern Ireland too. To herald this passing from one season into a new, all of this was confirmed by scripture as Nicola Sturgeon (Scotland’s First Minister) read the first lesson at a Service of Thanksgiving, St Gile’s Cathedral, Monday 12th September. The text was Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 which begins with these words; “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven, a time to be born, and a time to die;”.

In the wake of Queen Elizabeth’s passing there is a place for the Bride to arise in a way that she was not able to before. Spiritually there is an alignment with destiny, a connection between our past, present and future. We often hear from many sources, how the Queen was a constant in a world of change, and indeed I believe this is true. Her life and reign connect us as far back as the second world war, but in truth, she connects us much further back to a dark and bloody time in our history that rendered a deep spiritual trauma to the Bride.  When the church in England was torn in two, it was decreed in Heaven that six queens would mark the passing of four hundred years. It was a church era, that began with the English reformation and ended with the restoration of the five-fold offices of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. But now after a seventy-year reign, her prophetic assignment is complete. The clocks have changed. Big Ben declares this truth from the heights of the Elizabeth Tower in Westminster. In 2016 I was asked to declare the time of the Bride in Westminster and I prophesied under Big Ben as my dear friend Howard Barnes of Call2Come blew the shofar. I believe now is the time for the declaration to be made again but with a difference. A scroll from the Heavenly courts has been despatched containing this decree, to declare the Bride has come of age. By sharing this, I do not mean to suggest the Holy Spirit has not already been greatly at work in awakening the church to her Bridal identity, for this has certainly been the case, but that there has come a spiritual alignment in a way that is releasing a prophetic mantle to the Bride to arise in these last days because she is the seventh queen, not a queen of human descent, but one of spiritual ascendancy. And just like the queen, the Bride is able to sanction government and influence matters of state. She has the authority given by God to convene powers whether seen or unseen in order to hear and obey the decrees made in the Heavenly Courts.

This is a tale of two Brides. No longer one that symbolises the divisions still existing in the church today, but of the Bride who spans the epochs of different times and seasons.  The Bride who has gone before has grown up under the custodianship of either crown or state, but now it is decreed the Bride has come of age. Just like Rebekah left Laban when asked if she would go to meet Isaac as her bridegroom, so now the Holy Spirit has come for the Bride and she must arise and follow on her final journey towards the Bridegroom. She is ready, because a new and final reformation has come, a reformation of identity, as the Day of the Lord draws ever near. Yes, I say it again, the Bride has come of age, now is the time of the Bride, 

Contemplating all of this great mystery, it was evening, and the sun was setting, when I was on a beach in Cornwall watching the waves come crashing to the shore. I felt the Lord’s presence and heard His whisper in my spirit. “What do you see?”. As I looked at the waves, one was overtaking the other. Smaller waves would approach the shore, only to be overtaken by much larger swells racing inward. As I considered its meaning the Lord said, “That which is behind shall overtake that which has gone before and the two shall become one”. Beloved, that time has come but we must believe it and declare it as so. I believe this picture has different elements to it, one is of reconciliation, whilst another is of anointings, one is of Kingdom, whilst another of harvest, as Amos wrote, “Behold, the days are coming,” declares the LORD, “when the ploughman shall overtake the reaper and the treader of grapes him who sows the seed; the mountains shall drip sweet wine, and all the hills shall flow with it.” Amos 9:13. Look beyond what you see now in the physical realm, for there has come a swell of the Holy Spirit that is breaking over the Bride in these lands, and not just the United Kingdom but over the Bride in the nations around the world. I believe President Macron of France was right when he called Elizabeth II “the Queen”, for the prophetic significance of her life relates to us all.


Mike Pike

All glorious is the princess in her chamber, with robes interwoven with gold. – Psalm 45:13 ESV

I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts; I will look to see what he will say to me, and what answer I am to give to this complaint. Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come and will not delay. – Habakuk 2:3 NIV

Well that was a powerful word and I know there was a lot of details in there and so I encourage you to visit the Call2Come website to get a copy of the transcript so that you can read and digest this word in your own time. One of the key points about this word,  is that the Bride has a guardian until the time that she comes of age when she must then leave the home of her youth and begin a journey towards the Bridegroom.  It is this very principle we see at work when Israel grew in Egypt until she had come of age,  and the Lord brought her out of Egypt by a mighty hand and led her to Mount Sinai,  into a marriage covenant. Note,  most importantly,  the guardian for the Bride is not necessarily a good guardian,  or be readily willing to allow the Bride to leave,  that’s why the Lord raised up his prophet Moses to represent Him before the rulers both human and spiritual in Egypt. Well talk about this a lot more next time,  but I want to finish by saying I believe there has been a decree made in Heaven that the Bride in every nation has come of age.  The role of her guardians whether crown or state has run its course,  and whatever decisions or choices the Bride makes are legally enforceable in the heavenly courts, because she has reached the age of consent. Well I’ll leave it there for today,  and pray you’ll join me next time  as we explore the meaning and implication of all these things.