East Africa Prophecy

Prophetic Word for East Africa

Received by Mike Pike of Call2Come, May 2017

I saw a wall of spears that had been thrust into ground to form a circle and to claim territory. The wall of spears was tightly packed so that no one could get in or out, and the spears extended to enclose a large area. There was much blood upon the ground and within the circle of spears I saw a heart that had stopped beating and lost its colour. And I heard the Lord say “through bloodshed man has changed the boundaries of this land, to create for himself his own empire that has been separated from me. But through bloodshed, I will restore the ancient boundaries for I have a purpose here that is yet to be fulfilled. And I saw the blood of the lamb upon the ground and heard a voice say “see the blood of the lamb that removes every stain and heals every wound”. Then drops of blood fell and some fell upon the spears, so that any spear had the blood was removed and I saw gaps begin to appear within the wall, so that people could move freely in and out of the land. And as they did the heart that had stopped beating began to beat and though it had lost its colour it became the colour of blood. Then I saw that the heart was on fire but not on its own, but it was connected with fire from above so that it looked like a pillar of fire that could move freely upon the ground. As people came to the heart of fire, they then left carrying the fire with them, so that wherever they went, the fire spread.

And I asked, “Lord what does this mean?”, and He replied “For four hundred years my purpose for these people has been hidden, for four hundred years my purpose prepared”. Then I heard angels call out “The fountain, the fountain, the fountain is flowing but where shall it fall?” And I was taken in my vision to a high place, like the edge of a cliff and I saw a large river that was flowing in full flood, and as it flowed it was like a fountain being poured out over the edge of the cliff, a waterfall of great power yet its water was not found upon the earth. I could see that this fountain was the source of great power, and contained much life and blessing within it, so I asked “Lord, please let this fountain restore this land and bring new life and blessing to the people”. And He replied “Let them prepare to receive, for I will not hold back my blessing for this land and my people here. Let them know this, that though their past is in darkness and concealed, and though their past has taken much from them, their future belongs to me, and I have not yet finished what I have started here. I know their future and the plans I have for them. Take note, I will make their weakness to be their strength. From many peoples they are formed, from different tribes I have gathered them together, to display my glory through them. Today I declare a new day. Today let them forget the past and look unto me who holds their future. Then I will unite their hearts together with mine, so that in me and through me, the river shall flow through this land and beyond these borders to be a blessing throughout Africa, and a source of power that will sustain and enable my bride to arise and shine in these last days. For in her my glory is kept hidden, but in the days to come, she will be clothed in new garments, and will sing a new song. Awake my beloved, awake. I will remove your shame, and be a shield around you. I will fight for you and so that whoever comes against you comes against me.