Prophecy for Finland

Finland flag

In a dream I saw a large salmon swimming against the current of a fast flowing river. And as I looked closer I saw a great mystery, for there was not one fish but two, where the second fish was super imposed over the first as though to consume it, and both were the exact same size so that the second salmon perfectly concealed the first by layering over the top. I was greatly disturbed by the second fish which had covered over the first, as it had power to cause great fear and was intent on the demise of the first fish and to hinder its journey upstream. All this I saw as I stood watching  from the bank of the river. Although I did not understand the dream at first, I knew that the second salmon had to be put to death for it was not of the natural order of things nor was it from the Lord but rooted in witchcraft and pride  and made great boasts and blasphemy against the Lord. I waited upon the Lord for meaning of the dream for several weeks, and it was during the first night upon arrival in Finland that I was given the interpretation, and this is what I saw.

The first salmon had come back to the spawning grounds to give birth to the next generation, and as salmon do, they return to where they were born to lay their eggs. The fish represents the church of Finland which was to birth  the new move of God in the nation, but it was not able because of the ruling spirits in the nation which had overshadowed the church, taken control in many areas, blinding its eyes and dulling its senses, so that the church had lost its sense of direction and ability to navigate, and lacked the power it needed to swim upstream against the strong currents of  the river.  All this  prevented the church  from returning to the fertile spawning grounds it had come from and where it might initiate a new life cycle in the Spirit. For the old must give way to the new. There is a renewal coming to the church in Finland, but it requires the church to return to its foundation, to where it was born, not a religious or denominational restoration, but a spiritual restoration – a cleansing in the blood of Jesus and a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit into new wineskins.

As I sought the Lord for wisdom about the second salmon which had consumed the first, I saw that it was a complexity of female spirits including Europa and Jezebel, which had served to bring infertility to the church of Finland so it was not able to conceive or give birth to the things of the Spirit. And I understood that there had been an absence of spiritual fathers and righteous government in the church, which had created a spiritual void and given opportunity for female ruling spirits to arise and take ascendancy in the nation just like Ahab had with Jezebel. And just as Jezebel had done with Elijah, so the female spirits stood in opposition against the true prophetic voice in the nation. They mocked the prophets and made great boasts against the church, bringing intimidation and fear, to immobilise and disempower the church from fulfilling her bridal mandate in the nation. The Word of the Lord was rare in the land but the lamp of the Lord had not yet gone out.

Then I heard a voice declare, “Behold see the prophets mantle lying on the ground”. And I asked the Lord who will take the mantle and be His voice to the nation? And He showed me a beautiful woman dressed in white garments interwoven with threads of gold standing on the nation with a shofar in her hand ready to blow. She is the Finnish Bride! She is the one who shall arise in the nation to take up the prophets mantle and to blow by the Spirit of the Lord. There is none other who has been given the same authority, for the Lord says, “It is with my Bride that I shall share my Glory without measure, it is to her that I extend the Golden Sceptre of my Authority upon the earth. For I have carved out of empires the nation of Finland for Myself. She has been hewn from the East and the West and I have destined that she shall be a nation set apart unto Me alone as in a marriage relationship. Finland shall have no other gods before me. She is a woman of great beauty a jewel of My creation. But she does not know who she is or why I have created her. So there is another woman standing in her place, an abomination in my eyes . So go and tell her this, it is not without reason that I have brought you into a spacious place. It is not without reason that I have preserved your autonomy from nations stronger that you, for I have placed a hedge of protection around your borders, so that those who come against you come against me. See it is I the Lord your Maker who laid the very foundation upon which you are built and I the Lord who saw you naked before you were born and my desire was to bring you forth to be a nation for my glory. Do you not know that I am jealous over you as I am over my people Israel. Therefore do not be yoked to another, for it is I the Lord who holds your future in my hands, it is I who formed you and brought you forth, and it is I who know the plans I have prepared for you. Therefore do not be afraid of your enemies taunt or their challenge. Do not hide out in your shelters any longer or make for yourselves a habitation that I do not desire.. For you shall be a mighty warrior in my hand, like an arrow of precision, I will cause you to fly straight and overcome your enemies. For in righteousness I shall lead you and in justice I shall reform your chambers. Repent and I will heal  you,  rend your hearts and I will hear your cry, seek me now for I am convening my council over you, come let us reason together and see if I will not be merciful to you, and restore to you your inheritance.“

Then I was shown in the Spirit the record of names of those who had stood in the gap to intercede on behalf of the nation, though I could not read their names, the Lord said, “Since the founding of this nation until now I have preserved the prophetic lineage and the intercessors. Check the record see f they are not listed there, for surely I the Lord do nothing without first revealing my secrets to my servants the prophets.” And I saw a large set of keys given to the bride of Finland, and the names of many nations were written on the keys. For Finland shall be a gateway of my Spirit into Europe and the Bride a blessing to nations around the world. Let the Bride arise in the nation of Finland,  and let her blow the shofar in the spirit of Elijah to sound the alarm and make straight paths for the coming of the Lord.  For She will overthrow the Spirit of Jezebel in her borders, and stand in the gap and make intercession of behalf of the nations.