Prophecy for the UK

Flag of the United Kingdom

As I sought the Lord on behalf of the nation, I saw an hourglass named reconciliation and repentance, in which the sand was getting low. And I understood the hour was late with not much time left, but not in the sense of opportunity running out of time,  but in the sense of a countdown to breakthrough. And though the hour was late – hope remained, and though darkness had overshadowed the nation – the lamp of the vigil of  the Lord was still burning. Then I heard the Lord say, “I am about to do something that you would not believe had I not told you in advance. For it will be unprecedented like nothing you have seen or heard before. Do not be like the foolish who though they are ever seeing they are never perceiving and though they are ever hearing they are never understanding. For unless you hear what I say in the secret place you will not see what I am doing among the nations, for I am making the nations like a parable, a story containing discernible truth. To the wise and humble I am disclosing the secrets of my Kingdom, and revealing things long since hidden, but the foolish will continue in their vanity.”

Then I saw what looked like large pieces of a giant jigsaw stretched out across the UK, and the pieces had been moved around by political will and corruption of power. But even though the pieces were being moved around and put together in different ways, the resulting picture was always the same, so that it did not matter how the pieces connected with each other they would always form the same picture. I was troubled in my spirit because I understood the pieces to represented the political landscape of the nation. And even though the pieces were being moved around they did not have the power in themselves to change anything in the spirit realm, so the nation remained under a turbulent sky where I discerned the wrestling of powers in the heavens above the UK and in the seas below. Then the Lord said “the future of this nation will not be determined by political outcomes of human persuasion, but by my outstretched arm I will surely create a way where there is no way. For it is not by might not by power but by my Spirit that I will deliver this nation from its bonds.”

After this I saw a holy gathering – a courtroom in Heaven and the number of those present were seventy two. This council presided over the UK, and though it was in the spirit realm it was spread out to cover the boundaries of the UK. And I understood the council had been convened to make judgements and Kingdom administrations over the United Kingdom, but the court session had not yet commenced.  And I wondered why the session had not yet begun until I realised that there were empty seats still to be filled. Suddenly a loud voice could be heard in the nation saying , “Who will ascend the hill of the Lord  and take their place in the council of the Lord? Rise up and take your stand. See a place is prepared for you to make representation and intercession on behalf of your people. Come you whom the Lord has chosen for this hour, it is time for the session to begin.” 

And I heard the number of places to be filled by those on the earth was seventy two, just as was the number of those in the heavens, so that the total number of those in attendance was 144 the number of the new Jerusalem, the number of the Bride, the number of the one New Man! And I was amazed at the economy of the Lord and the intricacy of His design that He should choose heaven and earth to come together as a council to legislate from heaven to the UK upon the earth, and that He should choose the blueprint of the New Jerusalem coming  down out of Heaven to manifest His glory upon the earth. Then I understood why the hourglass I had seen at first was named reconciliation and repentance. For the seat of the Lord’s government is in Zion, and to govern in righteousness and justice in any nation, requires reconciliation with Israel, and before reconciliation there must be repentance.

Then I saw a gathering of watchmen who represented the seventy two in the nation ascending into the heavenly courts together, and though they were spread out geographically across the land they arose together as one, dressed in pure white and carrying bowls of incense to pour out upon the altar before the throne. And the voice of angels declared  together saying “Now has come the day of reckoning, now has come the day of salvation. Understand: the Lord’s purpose for this nation has not yet been fulfilled and the candle for the UK has not yet been extinguished.” Then the doors to the courtroom were shut so that I could not see or hear what was taking  place inside, but whilst the courtroom session was open, I saw a large cross standing in the heart of the nation. The cross stood very high, through the clouds and pierced the turbulence of darkness brooding above. And a great light shone from the heavens, so that the shadow of the Cross spanned the nation, from East to West and from North to South. And as the battle in the heavens was being won, so multitudes of people flocked to the foot of the cross to be saved. And as the heavenly courtroom remained in session I saw the waters surrounding the nation being churned over like water under the hooves of many horses, like cavalry on the charge, and the tide was turning back, waves receding and the enemy beach-heads being demolished.

A new day I declare unto you says the Lord. That which is legislated in Heaven shall be decreed to the nation. Man shall not set his own agenda with endless machinations, but I have released my campaign which shall prevail. See, I am doing a new thing among you, do you not perceive it? Call upon me and I will answer, seek my face and I shall be known to you, convene in my courts, and I will hear your petitions and render your foes like chaff on the wind. Organise yourselves to the pattern I will show you, deploy your ranks with wisdom and understanding, now is the time to advance, now is the time to take the territory that I am giving you today. For you are the head and not the tail and my delight is in you still. I have not forgotten you, neither have I reneged on my promises to your forefathers. For the foundation stones in this nation I have set permanently, and that which I have purposed I shall fulfil through you. So rejoice and sing a new song, take heart for your Lord is near.