Prophecy for Cuba


Prophecy for Cuba

Received by Mike Pike of Call2Come

During a time of prayer I was in the Spirit looking down upon the sea in the area of the Caribbean. And I saw what looked like a very great and terrifying fish. It was facing east and heading towards the ocean as though it wanted to return back to Africa across the Atlantic from where it had come. And I understood that this great fish was like the land of Cuba. On the east was its head and on the west was it tail. Now just as the thrust of a fish is in its tail, so also the power for movement in Cuba was located in its tail in the north west of the land. The great fish wanted to swim east, but was prevented from returning across the ocean because it had been pinned down in its tail by a mystery, like a column of strange fire that appeared to come from the heavens, but though it looked like fire it was cold, and though it spoke of covenant and great promise, it made boasts that were not of God. And the column of strange fire became like a rod of iron, like a prison bar piercing through the tail of the fish and the land. And the fire was called “mystery” and the rod of iron “intrigue”. And I asked the Lord what is this column of strange fire that I see? And I heard in my spirit, “Corruption of truth brings bondage”, then I understood that there had been a war in Cuba for many hundreds of years, but not just in the visible realm but in the heavens also. Religion, tyranny and the philosophies of men had been the cause of much suffering in the visible realm, but there was an unseen battle far more prevalent in the spiritual realm. This battle was for power in the oceans and sky, and domination of territory and land. And I saw that a gateway for the enemy had been opened. A portal in which there was a convergence of the kingdoms in the land, sea and sky, and that dark forces were exploiting this gateway as a means to enslave many people from different nations. Captives from lands both near and far had been imprisoned here, and at the cost of their freedom, dark forces had plundered wealth and polluted nations and bloodlines. Then I heard a voice say “Satan’s mandate over Cuba has been captivation, a place of imprisonment. But I have come to set the captives free, to break the yoke of the slave masters and the fetters of injustice.”

I looked again at the great and terrifying fish that had been pinned in its tail by the strange fire and rod of iron so that it was not able to return back across the ocean. I saw its head, filled with fear, open its mouth very wide. It had sharp teeth with which it had bitten into the nation to take hold of its prey, but now the jaws of the fish were opened into a great chasm as if almost to swallow and consume the land. And out from its mouth I saw what looked like black soot swirling like dead spirits in turbulent air that drifted to cover the nation and it settled upon the land. So that the entire land was covered in darkness and not any part of the nation was left uncovered. And I heard a voice say “Woe, woe, woe, for the land is defiled. Let the people beware, and wash themselves clean.” And I asked the Lord about the land. “Lord how can this land be cleansed from the black turbulence that covers it?“ And he said, “The land must be baptised.” But I did not understand how a land could be baptised. And as I enquired of the Lord how it might be possible for land to be baptised I was reminded of the days of Noah. And the Lord said, “When I sent my rain upon the Earth so that the waters covered all the dry ground, it was not only to exercise righteous judgement upon the wickedness of men but it was also to cover the land so that it might be cleansed. From the old comes the new, from death comes life, out of darkness comes light. As in the days of Noah so again I will send my rain upon the land. Look unto me as your Redeemer, call upon me as your Deliverer. Then I will not send rain to punish but I will send rain to revive. I will not send rain to destroy but I will send rain to bring forth life. And know this also: I have seen the blood of slaughtered innocents that has flowed like rivers to arouse the gods and ancestral spirits, to empower their influence over this land and sea. But I declare that your rivers shall overflow with pure water. For the rivers of this land shall also be cleansed. Do not grieve the fallen any longer, but be free from guilt and condemnation. Let rivers of forgiveness flow. Apply my blood that is shed for you upon your homes and families, upon your land and rivers, upon the high ground and the valleys. How shall you apply the blood shed for you? When you confess your own sin, and forgive those who betrayed you. Then no power above or under the earth, or power that is in the sea can hinder what I the Lord have assigned for you, the inheritance that is yours in my name. Understand that my ways are higher than your ways. I would not have you to look back upon your past as though to be bound by it any longer, but to look to me who holds your future in my hand.

Now listen very carefully, about the present and future days that are coming. Do not be tempted or deceived by the Seductress within your borders, for mystery Babylon has a foothold here like a vassal state, and intrigue follows her. The cunning schemes of men and her princes shall try to seduce once again. Many have already come and will come again offering terms of peace and prosperity, but be wise, not in the eyes of men, but before me. For others have seen your beauty and lusted over your glory. But every violator of my purpose for this nation and covenant with you, will fall like a shocking disaster. But understand this, that their schemes will not only be a snare to them but also to you, if you entertain their flattery and provide shelter for their followers. Awake, my people, take heed. I will not leave you, Lo, I will send my envoys to assist you. Those who walk blameless before me. You shall recognise them, because they will sow in righteousness, and they will plant with justice. They shall come to assist without reward, and to empower without taking control. For it is only I the Lord your Maker who have known the plans I have for you, only I who have kept hidden the secret things which are yet to come and which I have reserved for you. And what I have proposed I will perform, what I have promised I will fulfil.

And I saw in the Spirit a new Cuba, and its land was in the heavens like a shining silk canopy that came down from above and rested over the land on the sea. It was beautiful and pure without spot or blemish. And I asked the Lord about the country coming from above and He said “This is the land of the free. Nothing vile or impure has ever entered here, nor shall it ever. For I have set its boundaries and posted guardians at her borders.” And though I saw the land above like pure silk, it was suspended as though in mid-air so that it did not touch the land beneath. I understood in the Spirit that the land was not visible to the human eye  for it was not of this world but from a higher place, an elevated order and domain. I was sad because I wanted the land above that looked like a silk garment to wrap around the land beneath so that it could be clothed in light and purity and that those who lived in the country below might know the reality of the country above. And I asked the Lord why the two must be separated, and  He said “The time is coming and will not be delayed when the two shall become one” and I asked when will this be, and He replied “When the earth is filed with the knowledge of my glory as the waters cover the sea”. Then I heard a multitude of voices say “Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight paths for Him.” Again I understood in the Spirit, that the land needed to be prepared. For it was wounded and needed to be healed, it was stained and needed to be washed. And I was grieved because I felt the sadness of the people, who seemed like those who had been cut off, like widows in mourning without a husband and like children without a father who had been orphaned. And I heard the Lord say “Tell the people this, ‘I AM the Lord your God, Lord over the Heavens and all Creation. Before one of your days came to be, I knew you and formed you and brought you forth. You say ‘I will have no master’ but I say that I AM your Husband ‘. You say ‘I  do not know my fathers’ but I say that I AM your Father and will show myself to you. If you seek me you will find me, if you call me I will answer. Behold I am zealous over you, and proclaim a new day over this land. Nothing that has gone before will alter the destiny I have for you, nothing that others have said or done will change my heart towards you.

Summon my bride to get ready. Gather a solemn assembly, choose one day to come before me as a nation, and I will meet with you there. There is much that I have for you, much that you have not yet seen. But in these days I will open your eyes to behold the glory of your God. Then you will forget the suffering of your past. Then you will forget the enslavement of your former Masters. For you do not belong to any other but you belong only to me says the Lord. For I the  Lord am your husband, I the  Lord am your maker, I the Lord am the one who formed you in the darkness, I the Lord am the one who gives you life and crowns you in splendour. My eye is upon you, and I see you now and will not hold back, for my delight is in you. I will humble the nations through you, for they do not see what I see, and that which has been hidden in you shall be revealed.

O Cuba, sing a new song. Move to a different rhythm, be in harmony with the song that I am singing over you, and dance with the Spirit that I will pour out among you. Freedom fighters you have been called, and freedom fighters you shall be. But not by the sword of Man, but by the Sword of my Spirit, not by the cunning schemes of men, but by my eternal purpose, not by the Kingdom of darkness, but by the One who is the light of the World. For He is my beloved Son and through Him and His sacrifice, I redeem you unto me. By His blood I have paid the ransom for you, by His blood the price upon your head is paid in full. Let my prophets speak truth that my people hear my voice without corruption. Let my priests put on new garments, that they may stand before me at the altar to make intercession, and let my heralds run with a new vision, for they shall go in my name to make declaration of my Kingdom Come, and proclamation that the Day of My coming is near.