A prophecy for Ghana. (April 2018) ‘A new season for Ghana and a call to all Intercessors’

A prophecy concerning Ghana received by Howard Barnes April 1st 2018


Beloved Ghana…. You are Mine and I am leading you into a ‘New Season’.


My intercessors are to become once more like a woman in travail. The labour pains of a new season are upon you for I wish to do a ‘New Thing’ in Ghana. But fear not for My Spirit is with you to strengthen and sustain you and to lead you.

My intercessors in the past travailed over you in prayer. They sought Me on your behalf during the time of your emergence from colonial governance and at the time of your national independence. Like midwives they sought to bring forth a destiny child. Even now, even now, they are travailing again, birthing the ‘New thing’ that I am now about to do. You were as a nation at the crossroads of decision then and once again now you are at the place of decision.

When you were first formed, you were deeply influenced by alliances and agreements that were of a mixed bloodline and you took land which was not your own, the cessations of territory that belonged to others. Though you began in those days with the intention of seeking my face and I saw that those in political ascendency and governance in the land called My Church leaders together for counsel and to seek Me, yet after a short time those good intentions changed and the foundation of the nation became deeply influenced by different ideologies and philosophies even looking to a form of socialism called Pan Africanism…….. and you lost your way.

You became as a result a child born out of time and premature emotionally, stunted by a confused identity from the day of your national birth and in your subsequent development.

But this was thrust upon you, like a breach birth and there was much tearing of ‘flesh’ and shedding of blood.

Now once again you are at the cross roads of decision. I have a purpose for you. You have a unique destiny but if you are to fulfil it you must look to Me, the ‘rock‘ from whom you were hewn and to the One who gave you life. Since your beginning you have looked to other nations for direction and have tried to model yourself to be like them. However, your identity, your confidence and assurance as a nation, and your destiny and direction, comes from Me alone. Not from your mixed ethnic background or by listening to your elder African sisters or nations beyond your African borders, nor from any alliance or agreement made by man.

It is to Ghana that I am calling at this time. To the indigenous Ghana. I’m calling you like I called Joshua to “Choose you this day whom you will serve” and am waiting for that same response which I received in his day, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord”.

But there is no judgement in my voice. Your humility and teach-able-ness as a Ghanaian people has allowed you to ‘lean’ for a while upon others, your African sister and other daughters of Mine in the nations and to learn from them, but now is the time to truly realise your own uniqueness and let Me, your God and Redeemer forge your future and fulfil My purpose for you.

As I have said, your conception as a nation first took place within a crucible of travail, of much prayer. Just as Hannah travailed for the birth of her son, Samuel, so…… many intercessors have travailed for you.

As it was then, so it will be now.

You were conceived and delivered as an independent nation through their intercession. I heard them from Heaven and conceded and gave you life and I will hear again now. Just as Hannah when she had weaned her son Samuel gave him back to Me as a Prophet unto the Lord, I am now calling you to offer the nation of Ghana back to Me so that now in this day, She will ONLY SERVE THE LORD!

The period of weaning is over!

And if you will do this, then the nation born of their prayers, will not only become  your son’s and daughter’s inheritance, but an inheritance for Me, says the Lord. If you Ghana, like Samuel, will serve Me before My altar then you will be My delight and I will prosper you.

The treasures in the hidden places, within and outside of your city wall, in the seams and clefts of the rocks, and in the deep places below the sea, will fire and sustain your economy and cause you to be a provider for the poor and the abused.

In the Spirit realm the ‘Sloth of the Sea’ and the fanged ‘Serpent of the deep’ will loose their power over you.

As with Hannah so it will be with you. Hannah prayed for a son but received a prophet and birthed the prophetic movement. I have raised up the prophetic in this land. Even now you hear it. However, Ghana has many false prophets who are not My prophets. The land is too noisy with their false proclamations and promises. Many voices are shouting in the Church ‘market-place‘, and there is confusion in the street and amongst My people.

So beware. Do not abuse the Prophetic Movement. It can become itself a source of self-destruction and bring judgement upon My Church. There are many prophets in Ghana whom I do not ‘know’ and I have not appointed.

Beware of the ‘Schools of the Prophets’, those who enter the ‘Office’ as if entering a career or profession. The title does not affirm the Office. My anointing, and your humility of character alone receives My accreditation.

This is the time to give Ghana back to Me. I say again…the weaning period is over.

As it was with Hannah and Samuel so it is now with you.

The time for the rededication of your nation has come for I have chosen Ghana for greatness and if you will heed my Word, you will find your true identity and My purpose for you. Your true self I alone know and see, and I will lead you to it if you will let Me. Your true identity is visible to Me. It has always been, though not yet revealed to you.

Let the intercessors arise again. Let the ‘midwives’ travail once more and do so until Ghana, releases herself into My hands, no longer to be weaned, but coming of age and embracing her priestly and prophetic mandate.

If you will hear, then I will hear and take Ghana to Myself as My possession and bring her into My courts just like I did Samuel and will raise her up to speak to the nations and to be a blessing to many.

Received by Dr Howard Barnes

Call2Come Ghana April 2018