Prophecy for Egypt

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Prophecy For Egypt

Received by Mike Pike of

For many days I had a dream concerning Egypt, and in my dream I saw a crescent moon and a full moon appear together in the night sky. The crescent moon was on the left and the full moon on the right. And I did not understand how there could be two moons together, or how one moon could be shaped like a crescent whilst the other was full at the same time. Then I saw another confusion in the heavens. A woman dressed in white stood upon the two moons, with one foot on the crescent moon and the other foot on the full moon. And though she looked like a bride she was not, and though her beauty was radiant, it was not real. Then a voice spoke saying “She is a perversion of all that is true, a seductress whose words are sweet but intoxicate the mind.” Then I could see that this woman, who at first looked like a bride but was not, had changed into her true form. She was old and bent over crippled , she wore sackcloth like a slave, and upon her forehead were written the words, “Mother of Antiquities”.

After this, a second woman appeared in the heavens, at first I did not see her because she had been hiding in the shadows. I could see that she had been wounded and was in great distress for she had been persecuted by the first woman and suffered much harm. She too was bent over but not crippled, she was dark yet lovely, and over her head she wore a mantle that looked like sackcloth but she was not a slave. Though she was old she was still young, and upon her forehead were written the words “The Lord’s”. This woman had great authority and when she stood up, she removed the first woman from standing on the full moon and stood upright with one foot on the crescent moon and the other on the full moon, and now she was no longer in garments like sackcloth, but dressed like a bride in white and gold.

I was greatly astonished at the signs I had seen, and for many days I sought the Lord for meaning so that I could understand the vision. And He said “Egypt is a land of duality, and there are many signs of confusion in the heavens over the nation. What is seen is not what is unseen, and what is unseen will yet be revealed, for there has been a muddling of perception.” And the Lord showed me Egypt as a rift of ancestral lines that had split into diverging streams, and a riddle of conflicting spiritual ancestries. This is a profound mystery and calls for discernment on behalf of the saints. And when I understood the meaning of the two moons I was amazed. For they represent the times and seasons of the Bride – the beginning and fulness of the Bride throughout the ages. Though the Bride began like a crescent moon she will become like the full moon in all her glory. The Lord said, “I am joining the old and the new together, the first and the last as one. For I will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and the children to their fathers, and both shall rejoice together.” Her roots are in the Crescent moon but her splendour is in the Full moon. for the Bride straddles both times and seasons.

And I asked the Lord about the first woman that I had seen, the one dressed like a bride but was not, for I wanted to know how this imposter was able to stand on the two moons. And He said, “At the time of the Crescent Moon, she arose as a scorpion from the earth, and stood upon the moon. She speaks the language of Babel, and in her tongue are the mysteries of the East.” And I understood she was the personification of the ruling spirits over the nation, who had tried to change the times and seasons, by mapping the celestial bodies, and falsifying their witness in the sky. A great multitude from every nation have been enslaved by her astrology, and by her incantations she brings dizziness and confusion to the minds of men. Though she stands in the heavens and boasts eternal life, Death and Hades are close behind. And, as I considered the meaning of the words, “Mother of Antiquities”, written on her forehead, I heard a voice speak to her saying, “The language from Eden and the secret knowledge was found in you. I gave you wisdom and understanding. You saw the glory of the stars, but in your pride you did not honour my name or worship me.” And the woman spoke blasphemy against the Lord saying, “I will ascend to the heavens and sit on the throne of the Almighty.”


Then another voice spoke saying, “Egypt is a gateway to the nations, and a portal to the Heavens. There are many highways that pass through Egypt, some are seen, others are unseen. Some are built by man, others are fashioned by God”. And in my vision I saw the Suez canal, connecting the Mediterranean and Red Sea, to open a highway across the seas for the merchants of Babylon to pass through. I saw Egypt like a bridge that held both Asia and Africa within her borders, and I saw in Egypt, a portal which connects the Heavens and the Earth. And the woman made great boasts saying, “I will govern over the highways in the land, sea and sky”. But the voice of God thundered saying, “I hold Egypt in my hand. The land is mine and the heavens are mine. The Nile is mine and I determine its course.”


Then I asked the Lord about the second woman I had seen, the one dressed like a slave but was not. For I was greatly perplexed by her and wondered why I had not seen her at first. And I was given understanding about her and was amazed. The first woman was bent over because she was crooked, but the second woman was bowing as one bows in humility before a King. The first woman was old, but the second woman was forever young. The first woman wore sackcloth like a slave, the second woman wore a mantle like a prophet. The first woman had persecuted the second woman, but now the second woman was coming out of the shadows and overcame her. And I saw the scorpion under the foot of the second woman. Then Angels declared, “The remnant, the remnant, the mystery of God through the ages, shall soon be revealed. The shadows have been her hiding place, and the darkness her refuge, but woe to those who touch the Lord’s anointed. Dark clouds are gathering over Egypt, but the Lord will raise up the prophetic voice in the nation, to make proclamation and to decree the righteousness of God. The old order of things must have their day, but the Lord says, “I will sweep away perversion and idolatry, witchcraft and necromancy.“”

Listen, listen, a loud voice coming out of Egypt. The woman who wears the prophet’s mantle is proclaiming, “Prepare the way of the Lord, make His paths straight.” Her voice was like the roar of many waters and when she spoke, she had great authority to bring alignment between Heaven and Earth, and end the confusion in the stars brought by the first woman, for she stood where the first woman stood, and as she spoke, I saw deep waters writhing like anger in the Nile. This woman was a warrior Bride, a mighty prophetess who spoke the mysteries of God, and understood the times and the seasons. To her was given a set of keys to which she could open and close doors to the many corridors of Egypt and open a navigable highway for the nations. Like a lever beside a railway track, she had influence to align the highways and re-direct the destinations of many. And I understood the importance of the Bride in Egypt during the last days. She is planted by the Lord in the land with Elijah’s mantle to address the nation and declare, “Choose this day whom you will serve, whether it is the gods of your ancestors in Egypt or the Lord”. For Egypt is like a fulcrum upon which are balanced the plans of the nations and what happens in Egypt has international consequence.

Hark, I hear the song of the dove in the desert and smell the aroma of myrrh by the well. The lotus flowers are blooming and the time for romance has come. Choose the Lord as your Husband, consecrate yourselves and keep your vows. Draw near to Him whilst He is near. Go out to the desert to meet Him, for pathways in the wilderness are open to you. Arise you generations both old and young. Come together as one and call upon the Lord. He will not hold back the blessing He has reserved for you. Do not say “I am alone”, for you are not alone, because the Lord is with you and will not leave you. Do not say “I am not understood”, for the Lord is your Maker and understands you. Lift up your head and sing. Sing like the dove in the desert. Let the song of the Lord be heard in your land.

After this, I saw what looked like a large shroud that stretched out across the land of Egypt, like a garment used to wrap a dead body, and Egypt lay like a corpse entombed in her grave clothes. The Lord said, “Egypt consults with the gods and awaits her resurrection, but declare unto her that, “I am the Resurrection and the Life, he who believes in me, though he dies yet shall he live.“ And I saw a large empty cross standing on the plains of Giza, and a voice said, “Let Giza give witness to the Living God and blow the shofar for Egypt, to proclaim the day of my return is near. On that day I will raise to life those whom I choose.” From upper to lower Egypt, from Aswan to Alexandria, break forth from your chambers and take off your grave clothes. Wake up O sleeper, arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” Then I saw a fountain gushing up from the Nile Delta, and a voice spoke saying, “Let the ancient wells of learning be opened, let the nations marvel and be humbled and let Egypt say, “The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.” For the Lord will open a treasury of knowledge in Egypt and those who come in search of truth shall be filled. And I saw a Joseph generation in Egypt, they shall have knowledge and serve like diplomats to foreign lands. Egypt shall broker peace and reconciliation between Isaac and Ishmael.

“The rulers plot in vain, for I am the Lord who makes a way where there is no way. Who is like me who breathes upon the waters and makes a way of escape, or brings forth rivers in Sinai? Indeed, even now” says the Lord, “I am making a way in the desert, a highway of holiness that does not respect the borders of men but determines the footsteps of the Holy Ones. Do not be afraid of the Assyrian or the armies from a foreign land,  for if you alliance yourself with Israel and the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, then you shall share in her inheritance. If you stand with Israel, I will stand with you and I will deliver you from your oppressors. I have placed Egypt as a fulcrum next to Israel, so that Israel shall be lifted up because of Egypt. Then there shall be more that are for you than those that are against you, and on that day I shall be exalted among you, and I shall be known not only as the God of Israel but the God of Egypt also. For I will call you my people and you shall say “My God”.