Prophecy for Liberia

Prophecy for Liberia received by Howard Barnes. Alignment. Alignment. Alignment. This is the day for a new alignment….says the Lord

Position yourselves. Position yourselves and stand in My presence and see what I am about to do.

Convergence convergence convergence.

Do you not see it? There is a convergence taking place.

I have seen and heard you, My people, beginning to seek My face again and to cry out for your nation.

You are entering a new season in the land. I am a God of times and seasons. There is a season of hope and restoration coming…..a looking back and a looking forward.

It’s time to decree a new day. It’s time to blow the shofar over the land and announce a new day is dawning.

Remember the ancient paths

There is taking place a ‘building upon the old foundations’…in the land, a return to the ancient paths yet a time of advance towards a new future of hope and restoration.

There has been a time of confusion ruling over Liberia, for a Tower of Babel has been built. You have allowed others to built a false altar in the land to a false God. Even recently you have tried to reestablish it to its former glory and I have seen it. You have restored its demonic temple.

But despite this I am bringing about a time of restoration of My own temple. The temple of My presence in the land. My people, My Church, My Sons Body on earth is my temple, which is not made with hands of men but by My Spirit. 

Now there is a convergence. A convergence of those things I have been saying to many.

Yet because of the false altar in the land, because of the building of the Tower of Babel, I  repeat, I have brought about a season of confusion. The people’s languages have been confused. Where once there was one language there has now been a period of many languages and of many voices and of much confusion.

But I have heard the cries and the intercessions of my people as they have cried  unto me with one voice and one accord.

For have I not said that “if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and seek My face and repent and turn from their wicked way, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land”. 2 Chron 7 v 14

I have begun to hear their cries. I have seen them returning to prayer…..following the ancient paths. I have witnessed them beginning to hear My spirit calling them, listening to His voice and following His bidding to return to prayer and intercession. The time of the Esther Bride has come once again. Esther the interceding Bride. The interceding Church.

Eleazer once again walks the land. Eleazer the type of My Holy Spirit is journeying back once again to the old wells, old wells in Liberia, looking for a Bride for My son. But this Bride is to be an interceding Bride like Esther who pleads for her nation. And I have heard.

There is a convergence in the land. The time of desperation has produced a new desire for unity amongst My people and although they separately have responded to My call to prayer…. it is now the time of convergence.

And over these last few years many different streams within My Church in Liberia here have heard My Spirits call ….. My call to prayer. My call to repentance, My call to Seek My face ….and have responded. 

But there is a convergence now in the land. 

Do you not see it? Do you not hear My common call. For I the Lord am One and I speak with one voice. 

There is a Spirit of conspiracy to destroy in the land. …to divert the purposes and plans I have for you, the destiny I have decreed for you.

But I birthed you in the spirit of liberty. I formed you to be an expression of My truth that says that  “He whom the Son sets free is free indeed”. True freedom can only be found in My Son and the truth that He has redeemed you. He paid the ransom price for your liberty, for your freedom from the worst kind of slavery … the slavery of sin.

Once you were slaves in human terms but I birthed you as a nation for true freedom not at the stroke of a legislators pen or even the whim or conviction of governmental or humanitarian actions but because I had decreed it….says the Lord.

But you lost your way and went after other Gods, ancient witchcraft rites and practices which you call the ‘Craft’ and a spirit of confusion and darkness and strive has pervaded the land. This ruling Spirit like an octopus, has wrapped its long tentacles around the systems and structures of every organisation within Liberian society. You have slept with the enemy and whined and dined with the enemy and even within My own House you have betrayed Me.

But the time has come to forsake those ways and turn away from those idols and false gods that promise you much but deliver so little. It’s time to decide once more to follow the ancient paths. It’s time to rededicate the nation back to Me your God and realign her in order to fulfil My purposes for Her.

When My Son walked the earth I cried from heaven in the public arena the words “This is My beloved Son with whom I’m well pleased”. By this I the Lord God the Father of all endorsed Him. But later, to those who would listen, I cried again “This is My beloved Son…Listen to Him”. And here I endorsed Him as the Truth. It is He who set you free. ….for the Truth shall set you free.

Oh Liberia Oh Liberia…..Land of the free. Hear My Word today. 

There is a convergence in the land. I am speaking the same message and speaking it to many. Do you not hear? There’s a coming together of many to be of One Mind and One heart. 

Turn back to me. Seek My face. Pray for your nation. Intercede and I will hear. Be like Esther and stand in the gap. Raise up an altar in the land to Me by prayer praise and worship. Raise it up throughout this land. 

Establish a National House of Prayer within your borders and create a canopy of prayer over this nation by networking My Intercessors together throughout this nation.

Then you will see your enemies in confusion and you will be confused no more.

Then My people will once again have vision and hear My voice and understand My ways. For without vision the people perish.

This is the day of reckoning…..A day of Judgement …And the day of realignment. 

Joshua calls out once again “Choose you this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house…We will serve the Lord.”

“Sanctify yourselves today because the Lord is about to do wonders amongst you” 

Josh 3 v 5