Prophecy for Ghana

A prophecy concerning Ghana

received by Mike Pike 28th March 2018

I had a dream that greatly disturbed me. I saw a large snake that was upon the shore of the land. It was living by the sea and it was coming out of a burrow that it had made for itself in a sand bank. Within its mouth The serpent had four fangs with which it was coming out to kill. And I asked the Lord about the serpent and its four fangs, and saw that the first was called bloodline, the second was named confusion, the third was named waywardness and the fourth beguilement.

About the first fang called bloodline I saw that during the formation of the nation the serpent had been present and when boundaries were made and through political intrigue and alliance, its venom infused the blood of the nation so that her children were of mixed blood. And I saw Angels were carrying bowls that were filled with blood and water. And a voice said, “The life is in the blood, and by my Word I will wash this land. For my bride will not be enslaved by another but I will lead her and bring her before me as I did with my servant Moses and people Israel, you shall stand before my Holy mountain to enter a new covenant with the Lord your God. Choose this day whom you will serve. Behold I offer life and freedom, destiny and blessing. Choose the Lord as your husband whose blessing makes rich and adds no sorrow. .” And I saw that the bowls with the blood of the Lamb and the water of God’s Word was given to both the older and younger generations, but only to those who had kept themselves pure and were not defiled. I asked the Lord about them and He said “They shall be my priests, a restored priesthood that will minister before me with a pure heart ”

The second fang of the serpent had venom that could cause much confusion. And it brought dizziness into the people, so that they were disorientated without a sense of purpose or clear direction. Like shifting shadows with the appearance of form and substance to give hope and direction, but with only a breeze were blown away like illusions of smoke. And I heard what sounded like a roar of thunder, and a voice that said “prepare the way of the Lord, make straight paths for Him, A highway of holiness is the highway of our God, and righteousness shall go before Him.”

The third fang was filled with the venom of waywardness, and though I heard the sound of praise the hearts of many had been corrupted. At first I did not understand but then I saw that a sun made of gold had arisen over the sea, and it shone with a strange light, so that many were fascinated by its light. And though it shone brightly the light was not pure. And again I was greatly disturbed for I wanted to see the light of God upon the land, but I did not see it in the sky so I asked the Lord where is the light? And as I looked closer upon the land I saw that there were lines that criss crossed each other so that the land was covered with a new network, a distribution through which the bowls of the blood of the Lamb and the word of God could be applied by the new priesthood.

A fourth fang was named beguilement and it’s venom had the power to dazzle and seduce. And I saw Ghana like a mother weeping for her children. I was greatly disturbed and fearful for the land and I cried “O Lord have mercy”. And the Lord said, she may be weeping now but I will cause her to rejoice, for I AM the Lord and it is I who holds the title deeds for the nation in my hand. And I will give to her her inheritance that shall not be taken by another, or defiled by wickedness. But understand this, I will have this nation to be cleansed. As in the days of Samuel so it is now in Ghana for though there is darkness the lamp of the Lord has not yet gone out. I desire a new prophetic order, and the mantle of Eli shall be passed to Samuel who ministers before me and whose heart is pure. And as there was a transfer of the priesthood from Eli to Samuel, so also shall there be a transfer of of the sceptre from Saul to David. For Saul was disobedient and did not put Agag the King of the Amalekites to death, but it was by Samuels hand that Agag was cut to pieces. In those days I looked for a man after my own heart, and Samuel annointed David to be king over my people Israel. And it was David who cut off the head of Israel’s enemy Goliath. As it was then so it is now, for the leaders of my people have not cut off the head of the serpent on the shores of this land. But behold, you shall be astonished in what I will do among you, for by my mighty hand I will restore the priesthood of Ghana to be those like Samuel to stand on my behalf and bring my word to the nation. I am looking for those like David whose heart is after my own heart and whose zeal is for me, and it will be the restored priesthood who will appoint the leadership that I say, and I will anoint them with power and authority, and they shall cut off the head of the serpent.

Declare unto ghana that I am coming soon. Ghana awake. Behold your day is coming. Speak forth my Word, declare unto the nation, the Lord Almighty reigns. There is no one like me, I am above all power, thrones and dominion. What I say, I will surely perform among you. Draw near unto me. Find refuge under the shadow of my wings, for the tempest will not harm you, neither shall you be estranged from me. For I the Lord am you husband and my heart is toward you.